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  • From diversity to plurality: A new perspective on organizational inclusion – (English Edition)

    For years the diversity management, the business function that deals with the knowledge and appreciation of differences of individuals in organization, has been a topic from “insiders”, but today the situation has changed. In today’s world of work, in fact, the diversity of gender, culture, race is now recognized as a value, and should be managed as a concrete target for the success of companies.
    However, many firms say they are sensitive to these issues only in words, with the risk that everything will be resolved in a just fashion or easy rhetoric, detached from reality.
    In this book the author, pioneer of Italian industry that has followed projects of diversity management of the most important Italian and multinational companies, takes stock of the current situation and the questions that remain open, offering the reader a number of tips put in practice the new culture of plurality and warning against the dangers and mistakes.