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  • Alice in business land: On becoming a woman leader – (eBook – English version)

    There is still a scarcity of women holding positions of power around the world today. Although the situation differs from country to country, overall statistics show that the glass ceiling still persists in excluding women from the upper levels of corporate hierarchies.
    The scarcity of women in decision-making roles is not only a question of fairness affecting those who have been excluded. Rather, it is everyone’s problem. Without women, we lack an important perspective for choosing tools and defining strategies. We fall short in creating balance in organizations and in the world.
    The book presented here addresses the problem of the absence of female leadership. Specifically, it examines women’s basic skills when it comes to understanding and interacting with the corporate world, as well as their self-imposed exclusion from professional careers. The core assumption is that quite often, it is women who choose to opt out of the “career game”. This results from their failure to objectively evaluate their own intrinsic abilities, and from their fear of what lies ahead in the future.
    The book also confronts key moments in the professional lives of women, from their initiation into the professional world, to their family and career choices, and finally to the organizational dilemmas that both women and men in power must often face.