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  • Patrizia Aroldi

    Senior Consultant

    A physics, graduate, Patrizia works as a scientific researcher at Euratom in Ispra. After four years of training in Psychosomatic Medicine, she was appointed Chair of Dramaturgy and Dance-therapy at Università di Lugano.

    Appearing on stage in a contemporary drama called “Cinema Cielo” by Danio Manfredini, she is both the author of and a performer in “Giduglia” and, with Laura Girelli, in “Un mito di donna”, a conference-performance piece on female identity.

    A specialist in Body Psychology, Somatic Coaching and Public Speaking, she currently lives and works in Milan where she gives seminars as well as one-to-one lessons on communication, body language and internal theatre to enable persons to express and publicly celebrate the individual qualities that animate their identify and being.

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