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    We can help you to…

    …create dialogue and collaboration between the different generations in your organisation

    For the first time in history, four generations are coexisting at work, at the same time: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Areas of value differences and stereotypes towards the other generations are inevitable and, when working side by side, that may hinder collaboration.

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    People from different generations are born and grow up in completely different contexts in terms of historical situation, shared values and individual choices. Sometimes communication and collaboration between people of different ages can be difficult.

    Generational diversity in the world of work is a fact, and this coexistence is a potential resource. For this reason, we support organisations with targeted programmes that aim to highlight the specific contribution of each generation and to encourage inclusion, leading to enrichment both at an individual and organisational level. Some examples:

    • Reciprocal mentoring projects to bring the different generational worlds closer
    • Workshop for people managers for effective management of different generations, especially the younger ones
    • Integrated longevity management plans and specific projects to address the needs and expectations of the over 50 population
    • Initiatives to enhance the generations in the company, identifying their resources and distinctive features


    Understanding the importance of managing and valuing generational differences within companies is essential to create a bridge between people of different ages, identify areas of mutual learning, improve communication, teamwork and intergenerational collaboration in organisations.

    — FOCUS

    Case study

    Reciprocal Mentoring: facilitating dialogue between generations

    For a large-scale consumer company, Wise Growth has developed and implemented journeys called “Dialogue between Generations” for some years.

    The architecture of the journey, which involves up to a maximum of 10 people of different generations organised in couples, develops over a period of 3-4 months, providing for an alternation of group work and couple interviews.

    Compared to simple “mentoring”, Reciprocal Mentoring is an opportunity for mutual learning, not “one-way”, in which people of different generations are both mentors and mentees.

    Compared to other Reciprocal Mentoring models, Wise Growth does not focus solely on professional skills and new technologies, but on values and ways of experiencing work.