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  • Inclusive leadership and Plurality management

    We can help you to…

    …train people managers in the most effective management of diverse teams while respecting the uniqueness of the individual

    To be effective, management, today, cannot do without investing and developing skills on plurality and inclusive leadership. Those who manage people should become a change agent and a role model to inspire others in the organisation.

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    As Wise Growth, we support companies in promoting inclusive leadership oriented towards Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and respect for all people. Through consulting and training activities, we support management in promoting lasting and concrete changes from a human sustainability perspective.

    Our main objective in this area is to accompany people managers to recognise the obstacles to inclusion (bias and stereotypes) and to acquire key skills to relate constructively. We work on inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and ways of working to develop respectful mindsets and environments.

    Activities and tools examples are:

    • Consulting from a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion perspective to develop a coherent and effective people strategy and action plan
    • Projects aimed at promoting plurality management and an inclusive leadership style that brings out the potential of each person
    • Projects dedicated to the leadership team on biases and stereotypes that can hinder inclusion in the organisation they lead
    • Focus groups and awareness raising initiatives to map resources and critical issues of the organisational culture
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    Case study

    Awareness takes shape

    One of the main operators in Italy in the gaming and betting sectors has asked for the support of Wise Growth to start a project on the topics of collaboration and inclusion in order to achieve complete harmony within their working environment. The interventions met with great support from the company’s population and stimulated various reflections on language, mindset and judgments in all their facets, allowing people to express themselves and discuss their working experiences.