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    Misunderstandings and communication obstacles often arise due to different reference values, different cultural practices or customs. Wise Growth helps with developing the reading skills of cultural differences, and facilitating exchanges, interactions and communication. The tools we use: Journeys to develop communication skills to support building relationships based on mutual trust between people from different cultures … Continued

    Parenthood and work-life integration

    In Wise Growth we have been working on the topics of parenthood and work-life integration for many years already, with the aim of promoting a sustainable development of both people and organisations. These are delicate and complex topics, which impact multiple company dynamics and which involve mothers, fathers, people managers and HR. Thanks to our … Continued

    Gender Equality certification

    The Gender Equality Certification is a regulatory instrument that aims at promoting gender equity, reducing gender discrimination and countering the gender pay gap. Our extensive experience is available to companies at all stages of the Certification process, from assessment to follow-up. Specifically, Wise Growth supports with: carrying out a mapping of the organisational current status … Continued

    Human sustainability and mental health

    For over 15 years, Wise Growth has been focusing on human sustainability and we support companies in actively planning and maintaining organisational well-being through: People management training to promote inclusive work environments HR training to help create and maintain a climate of psychological safety, human sustainability and mental health within the organisation Dissemination events to … Continued

    Inclusive leadership and Plurality management

    As Wise Growth, we support companies in promoting inclusive leadership oriented towards Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and respect for all people. Through consulting and training activities, we support management in promoting lasting and concrete changes from a human sustainability perspective. Our main objective in this area is to accompany people managers to recognise the … Continued


    Although the issue of reduced female representation in places of power is substantially shared by many companies, there are few strategies that have proved to be effective in effectively improving gender balance and breaking the “glass ceiling”. To promote effective and lasting change, it is necessary to develop programmes and initiatives that address the issue … Continued

    Disability and Caregiving

    We support organisations in developing a more inclusive work environment for all people, including through projects in the field of disability (visible and “invisible”) or caregiving. Some examples of activities: Raising awareness and training among the corporate population, managers and HR to develop more respectful work environments Review of HR and organisational processes for better … Continued


    People from different generations are born and grow up in completely different contexts in terms of historical situation, shared values and individual choices. Sometimes communication and collaboration between people of different ages can be difficult. Generational diversity in the world of work is a fact, and this coexistence is a potential resource. For this reason, … Continued

    Organisational and HR advisory

    Through continuous training, and an international outlook, we are able to offer organisational and strategic consulting services aimed at: ensuring the full potential of people and organisations, through the development of coherent growth opportunities, overcoming stereotypes and unconscious bias improving the management ability to evaluate and promote the growth of people from an inclusive and … Continued