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  • Plurality Management

    The main objective of Wise Growth in this area is to help people recognise the obstacles to inclusion (unconscious bias and stereotypes) and help them acquire the key skills the need to work constructively. The key elements to focus on are therefore: Awareness of how one’s own “filters” (stereotypes and prejudices) determine one’s everyday behaviour. … Continued

    Gender in the organisation

    There are few opportunities for people to reflect on the profound changes taking place in male and female identities. Consciousness of this fact has shaped Wise Growth’s particular approach to the projects it has designed to address this matter, which entail: Analysing the prevailing corporate culture and the meanings attributed to male and female identity; … Continued


    The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) issued by the WHO in 2001 provides the reference framework for understanding and defining the human experience of disability. Anyone can experience disability in their lifetime, and the nature of the disability itself can change over time. A disability is something that manifests itself at the … Continued


    Different generations are born and grow up in completely different historical contexts. Each has its own values and makes its own individual choices. People of very different ages do not always readily communicate and cooperate. Our advice and guidance in this area highlights these gaps in understanding and seeks proactive remedies. Reciprocal mentoring projects bring … Continued

    Employment and caregivers

    All sorts of situations may arise that force people to take care of family members and other loved ones. Becoming a parent and looking after children as they grow up, including during the adolescent years, is one such instance, but so is becoming the “parent” of one’s own parents. Life may also include unforeseen events, … Continued

    HR support

    Thanks to the continuous training that we provide as well as our international perspective, our clients have the opportunity to review tools they use in recruitment, employee potential assessment, skills development, performance evaluation, and bonus and benefits schemes management. Often the analytical tools deployed for personnel management incorporate hidden biases that have major negative consequences. … Continued

    Culture of respect

    Wise Growth helps its clients build a culture of respect by: Taking stock of the current culture and identifying areas in need of improvement Selecting and training a group of ambassadors Enhancing internal communication, and organizing events and training activities Developing long-term projects to support respectful and inclusive behaviour.

    Organisational behavior

    Leadership, collaboration, communication, listening, feedback, decision making, negotiation, and change management: These are some of the key areas that fall under the scope of “organisational behaviour.” Under the guidance of Wise Growth, organisational behaviour can reveal itself to be a catalyst for inclusivity, but it can also reveal how some processes are exclusory, a fact … Continued