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    The number of women in the workplace has increased and their career prospects have improved, yet the persistence of considerable gaps means that more work still needs to be done to promote inclusion. At the same time, young men are struggling to engage with and come to terms with the legacy working practices of previous generations.

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    There are few opportunities for people to reflect on the profound changes taking place in male and female identities. Consciousness of this fact has shaped Wise Growth’s particular approach to the projects it has designed to address this matter, which entail:

    • Analysing the prevailing corporate culture and the meanings attributed to male and female identity;
    • Discussing social dynamics;
    • Involving men and women equally in pursuit of a common goal.


    In recent years, Wise Growth has overseen exchanges of ideas and conversations between men and women in parallel with courses in female empowerment aimed a dealing with the particular difficulties raised by this aspect of work.

    These courses also make use of innovative and flexible methodologies.

    — FOCUS


    Focus groups conducted through digital platforms such as WhatsApp.

    The WhatsApp groups were populated by employees with homogeneous characteristics – age, position in the organization, etc. – and were preceded by an engagement call.

    The result was extraordinary thanks to the flexibility and familiarity of the platform, the interest evinced by the participants in the novel approach, and the quality of the ideas gathered.