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    We can help you to…

    …integrate and enhance cultural plurality by transforming potential obstacles into developmental and growth opportunities

    Today, companies need to be effective within a global context. The theme of multiculturalism in the company, i.e. the growing interactions (both in-person or remotely) with colleagues from different backgrounds or countries, is becoming increasingly urgent and strategic for any organisation to address.



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    Misunderstandings and communication obstacles often arise due to different reference values, different cultural practices or customs. Wise Growth helps with developing the reading skills of cultural differences, and facilitating exchanges, interactions and communication.

    The tools we use:

    • Journeys to develop communication skills to support building relationships based on mutual trust between people from different cultures
    • Activities aimed at creating a “shared” language through moments of dialogue and open discussion
    • Journeys to improve the awareness of unconscious biases and possible areas of potential intercultural attrition

    Training sessions to develop the understanding and knowledge of the different models to read cultures

    — FOCUS

    Case study

    Intercultural bridges

    On behalf of a leading company in the insurance sector, Wise Growth was asked to deliver a series of workshops to their middle managers who have frequent interactions (especially remotely) with the international branches. The intervention was based on highly interactive workshops where the content was built with the direct involvement of people. To maximise learning, theory, practice and discussion were built into the workshops: theory – models of reading different cultures; projective – tests to highlight the differences in values and practical-experiential exercises and group work – to practise the content and its translation into concrete work practices.

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