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  • M. Cristina Bombelli

    Founder – President

    Founder of Wise Growth, Bombelli has been working in the field of Diversity & Inclusion since the 1980s.

    A former professor at Università di Milano-Bicocca, she worked for several years as a lecturer at the Business Management School of Università Bocconi, where she set up the first research centre dedicated to this field of study. She has worked as a visiting scholar at the University of La Verne in California.

    She has written numerous newspaper and journal articles on organizational behaviour and Diversity Management. She is a former chair of “La Pelucca”, a non-profit foundation for the elderly and disabled. She is a qualified Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP) accredited by Trompenaars Hampden – Turner (THT), an executive coach accredited by Newfield and an assessor accredited by Hogan.

    She has published numerous books, the most recent of which are: “Alice in business land. Diventare leader rimanendo donne (‘How to become a leader while remaining a woman’), 2009; “Management plurale” (‘Pluralistic management’); “Diversità individuali e strategie organizzative” (‘Individual Diversity and Organizational Strategies’), 2010; “Un manager nell’impero di mezzo” (“A manager in the middle empire”), 2013; “Generazioni in azienda” (“Generations in business”), 2013; “Amministrare con sapienza, la regola di San Benedetto e il management” (“Wisdom in administration: Applying the Rule of St. Benedict to Management”), 2017; “La cultura del Rispetto. Oltre l’inclusione” (“The Culture of Respect. Beyond inclusion”) 2021.

    Learn more: https://www.bombelli.net/

    — Founder