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    Exclusion can also occur as a result of codified practices and operating systems that are often outdated and behind the times.

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    Thanks to the continuous training that we provide as well as our international perspective, our clients have the opportunity to review tools they use in recruitment, employee potential assessment, skills development, performance evaluation, and bonus and benefits schemes management.

    Often the analytical tools deployed for personnel management incorporate hidden biases that have major negative consequences.

    In particular, the KPIs used for Diversity & Inclusion require a specific model of employees’ skills assessment.
    Are the tools effective? do they lead to the replication and reinforcement of outdated stereotypes?

    — FOCUS


    Reconfiguration of employee management systems.

    The HR group of a company with a significant shortfall in the number of women and a wide gender gap took part in a process to revise how it evaluated performance. The process entailed bias training for the managers and an analysis of the various organizational subsystems.

    As a result of this system-level work, both the shortfall in the number of women at senior levels and the gender pay gap were progressively mitigated.