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    An increasing number of workers find themselves in care-giving roles.

    A company can do a great deal to increase their well-being at work by adjusting their work-life balance and inspire their motivation.

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    All sorts of situations may arise that force people to take care of family members and other loved ones.

    Becoming a parent and looking after children as they grow up, including during the adolescent years, is one such instance, but so is becoming the “parent” of one’s own parents. Life may also include unforeseen events, such as accidents and illnesses that force us to alter our routines and change our needs.

    A company that elects to lend a helping hand has several ways of doing so: through coaching, group sessions, welfare support and psychological assistance.

    • Since 2011 Wise Growth has been delivering customised courses that revolve around the training of women returning to the workplace after maternity.
    • Since 2020, Wise Growth has expanded its training programme to include a course titled “Parents in the storm.”
    • Actions to heighten the company’s awareness of the needs of caregivers and to encourage their inclusion.
    — FOCUS


    People needing care: Young children, adolescents, elderly and/or non-self-sufficient family members.

    • Returning to work: Mothers, fathers and employers receive guidance, including from a multidisciplinary perspective, on possible new models for work-life balance management.
    • Parents in the storm: Each stage of growth in a child’s life corresponds to a stage of growth and change for the parents. The parents of adolescents receive support and are encouraged to exchange ideas on how the relevant skills that they acquire can be usefully applied to their company or organization.
    • “Caregiver package”: Emotional and practical support for those who look after their families while striking a balance between their care-giving and work obligations.