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    The promotion of a culture of respect is the starting point for meaningful and transformative change leading to inclusivity.

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    Wise Growth helps its clients build a culture of respect by:

    • Taking stock of the current culture and identifying areas in need of improvement
    • Selecting and training a group of ambassadors
    • Enhancing internal communication, and organizing events and training activities
    • Developing long-term projects to support respectful and inclusive behaviour.
    β€” FOCUS


    Is respect a part of our company? Field research is followed by actions, which are communicated.

    • An interesting and innovative analysis concerned the quality of working life of women employed in the supply chain of a large fashion company. The intervention enabled small companies in the supply chain to identify weaknesses and remedy them.
    • Another important analysis, this time for a waste collection and sorting company, entailed the close study of misalignments between the reality on the ground and the corporate vision.